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One of those spongeing freeloaders that thinks the world owes her a living and gets by on lying to people and taking advantage of their kindness.  Her and her trainee parasite son make a career out of jumping from one home to another and not paying one penny.  She learned how to play the system and managed to get 18 months free rental, 11 months of it compliments of the Turkish legal system and a useless judge, who allowed this woman to get away with not bothering to turn up at court 6TIMES!!  Unfortunately, this is the most recent photo I have of this waste of space.  I do now have photographs and will dot them around this site, so you can recognise her.


This vile woman and her equally vile son conned their way into my apartment in March 2009 with the usual sob story about needing a place to live urgently and the usual lies about having a good job in the local hospital.  The rent was agreed at 450 lira monthly, which was far below what one could expect to pay for a beachside apartment.  However, being the kind and naive person that I am, I allowed her to move in, with a promise that she would pay the first months rent the next day.


I drove back the following day and all she came up with was 200 lira, with a promise she would have the rest later that day.  Now the warning bell had gone off!  Why was she at the apartment if she had a job?  She called me the following day and asked if I could come down and pick up the rent.  When I got there, I ended up speaking to a Doctor Volkan on the phone at the Anadolu Hospital, who proceeded to tell me how trustworthy she was.  Things get a bit vague here.  After a few weeks of lies, continual trips to the apartment to ask for the rent, coupled with the fact that she had 5 jobs in as many months and moving her son in with her, it was clear I was not going to get my money and she had never had any intention of paying me.


Over the past few months, several things have occurred to make me realise what a fool I was.  Purely by chance, I met up with an English woman called Rosalyn and it turns out that she lived in an apartment owned by Ros for 5 months and didn’t pay her a penny either.  Prior to Ros, it was a poor Turkish guy called Mustafa , who she also screwed for a few thousand lira.
I have just been to court for the fourth time and guess need to say is there?
ALLEGEDLY, the local Muhta has to personally deliver the summons to appear on the new date of 28th April and if she doesn't turn up again, she will be brought to the court by the Jandarma......allegedly!!  She owes thousands of lira in rent and unpaid bills to at least 3 people and she is unlikely to ever pay it.  My lawyer assured me today that she will definitely have to pay it eventually, even if it takes years and he is as frustrated as me by the whole sorry tale.  The judge is obviously a European hater, since she has now committed contempt of court 4 times.  The judge hasn't figured  out yet that she is also laughing at him.
To add a few more snippets, she has accused me of stealing a bracelet worth 40,000 lira but the Jandarma obviously didn't take it seriously and took no action against me.  She also made another statement in October to say that I had removed all of the furniture, bear in mind that she had already changed the locks.  An estate agent went to the apartment in January with a possible client, armed with photos of all of the furniture that was in the apartment and he confirmed that it was all still there, minus the curtains.  It appears you can say whatever lies you like about anybody in public, including accusing them of thieving and under Turkish law, this is OK.  So you may end up with a reputation of being a common thief just because somebody doesn't like you!  Great eh?....Welcome to Turkey.
Don't forget to visit  and you can see how good the system really is, particularly when it comes to stealing hundreds of thousands of pounds from British ex-pats.  Another excellent site is  where you can read about dozens of horror stories of Brits and other Europeans being ripped off on a daily basis and the complete inaction by the authorities.  The best site of the lot is this one 5 Stars *****

She did not turn up to the court case in April (the fifth time) or the sixth and final hearing.  I got my eviction notice from the court in October and it turns out that I could have had the eviction notice at the end of April but my lawyer, Mucahit Gundogdu,  declined to mention this.  He was actually in regular contact with the slags lawyer and between them, they were giving her time to find somewhere else to live.  This is how many lawyers work here.  Many of them are related or friends and know that they will both get paid, whatever the outcome, so they don't see the need to tread on each others toes.
The day she moved out (voluntarily), my lawyer couldn't be bothered to turn up at the apartment and I haven't heard from him since.  The damage inside was substantial, it stank, there was mouldy food in the fridge, broken cupboard doors, smashed toilet cistern, broken light fittings and several used condoms thrown behind the bed.  I had been warned that different men were regularly seen turning up, I wonder why?
A Brit by the name of Rob Maffin offered (Bob the Bullshitter) to help and assured me that I would get my money with 100% certainty.  He would get papers served on her by a 'collector'.  I gave him 50 lira on two occasions to arrange this, she would then have 28 days to respond with a proposal of payment or she would automatically go to prison for 51 days.  Once she paid, he would take 10% by way of his fee, which I thought was very reasonable.  He telephoned me to say that he had had the papers served on her at the Anadolu Hospital, where she allegedly worked.  He rang me again on 17th November to say he had some news and we arrnged to meet at 1pm at the Flying Horse, in Side.  He never turned up and I have not seen or heard of him since or even know who 'allegedly' served the 'papers' on her.  I sent him an SMS on 23rd November asking him if these was a problem and also sent him an e-mail.  I have heard nothing back up to 11th Feb. 

Today, 11th February, I went to the Court with a genuine Turkish friend to find out why no action has been taken against this parasite.  The court personnel said that no action had been taken because nobody had started any and had no knowledge of any papers being served on her to pay me what she owed.  They assured me that once the papers had been served, she would have been in serious trouble by not responding.  Action is now underway after speaking to the Savji.  I have also spoken to Anadolu Hospital and it transpires that Kaplan has not worked there for 2 years, since she was sacked.  I have also been told by a friend of Mr Maffin that I have absolutely no chance of ever getting my money, she will NOT go to prison and she will likely do the same thing to some other unfortunate.  This info came from a lawyer by the name of Seckin, in Antalya.  Another friend of mine has been similarly let down by all the promises from Mr Maffin.  It just goes to show, that you can't even depend on a Brit here and I wonder at how desperate Mr Maffin must have been for money to take 100 lira from me for these non- existent legal 'papers'!

The latest in this saga is that she left the apartment she rented after she left mine, also owing rent and bills, so she has done it again.  I have also heard that she is back in Alanya.  If anybody knows her whereabouts or that of her son, I will pay a reward if I have proof.  Since the police in Alanya also need to speak to her about the lies on her Kimlik, please advise anybody you know in Alanya of this website.  This parasite cannot be allowed to continue to steal like this, even if the authorities says she can.
UPDATE:  I have found out through a friend that Meliha Kaplan is now living above somebody she knows.  She managed to worm her way into the circle of female ex-pats and had a few nice days out, while not once putting her hand in her pocket.  The friend also entrusted Kaplan with her apartment key to feed her cat and guess what?  Her iPad and a substantil sum of money disappeared a few days later.  While nobody has any proof and the Jandarma were called, we all know who was responsible.  I will be visiting soon with court papers from Manavgat and court papers from a victim in Alanya, whom she also ripped off. If you know of anybody who has been ripped off by this woman, please get in touch and I will give you her address.

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